Harry Potter Keepsake Box

This Harry Potter Keepsake Box was made as a gift. I chose this as my second blog for several reasons.  It is one of my oldest creations that I have photographic evidence and I am testing using media in a blog and adding photos for the fist time.


It did not take me long to find some Harry Potter themed paper at the time that I fist made this.  I just did a quick search online for some.  It was hard for me judge what to get to as when I ordered the paper I did not even have a box yet to put the paper on.  However I knew with my love of paper that it would not go to waist… ( I still have some that I have not used yet)

I wish I would have taken more in progress photos


The inside pays homage to the Marauder Map.  Made from a sheet of paper I cut the Map out and placed it on purple and gold stary/ shimmery background.   I thought it made it look a bit more magical.

The inside hold a special surprise and two hidden pockets.  ( Of course the map opens!)


What I would like to include in future posts is a listing of items used to make the project, time taken, and approximate cost. I would also like to lean how to add links to other websites where I might have found products that I used or inspiration.

Since this is only my second post I hope anyone who might be reading this will leave some suggestions or helpful hints on ways to better present ideas.

Thanks for looking!


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