DIY Scrapbook Pocket and Vintage Style Scrapbook

Using a Die Cut to Make a Unexpected Pocket.

DIY Vintage style scrapbook pocket with cute sheep.

DIY Vintage style scrapbook pocket with cute sheep.

This pocket was added to a vintage style scrapbook that I created using Melissa Frances scrapbooking paper and die cuts. My inspiration for the scrapbook came from the Melissa Frances class that I took at the 2013 Great Lakes Megga Meet.

This pocket idea is what I like to call a ‘happy accident’.  While finishing a class project I accidentally pasted a piece of paper upside down.  My fix was to layer another piece of similar paper on top of it but I did not like the paper as much.  I looked for some extras from the class and found this cute circle.  With so many other pockets in this scrapbook I thought it would be cute to add yet another one.   At first I thought about cutting this die cut in half to create the pocket that I wanted, however the top half of it was just as cute as the bottom half.  So instead of cutting it in half I decided to something a bit unexpected.   Using the part that I wanted to be the opening for the pocket I only cut part of the circle and made the pocket layered into the circle shape.  I then distressed the edges of the circle with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.  I also distressed the opening and made two mini tags.  I adhered the the circle to the scrapbook by putting glue along the edge backside of the circle  and then filling the top half of the circle with glue so when the circle was dry it would hold the tags and  would also be firmly set into the book.

The following images are the finished product from the class. This is all ready for photos.

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook

Front cover


Inside  front cover

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook3Page one

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook4Page 2

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook5Page 3 (Made from a large tag)

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook6Page 4

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook7Page 5

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook8Page 6

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook9Page 7

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook10Page 7 with mini album open

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook11Page 8

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook12Page 9

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook13Page 10

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook14Back cover inside

Vintage Style Melissa Francis Scrapbook15Back cover.

Including the 2hrs of class time this project took me about a total of 6hrs to complete.  I really enjoyed learning some new to me techniques and taking time to experiment with my own ideas afterwards.  I am really looking forward to coming up with my own ideas to use my some of the really awesome paper that I already have at home.


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