An Afternoon Crafting with Mom.

Green and orange pop up cards

Got to spend some time with my mom this afternoon. We had lunch and them had some time to do some crafting. She was very interested to learn how I make cards that ‘pop’.

I showed two different styles. The first style is a simple pop up card layering a few pieces of paper together to get and adding some embellishments.
Happy Birthday Card Out side

This is my moms first card. The front side.

Birthday Pop up

This is the inside of my moms pop up card.

Here is my card.
Simple Thank You Card
Thank You Pop Up Card Inside

The second style is a bit more complicated but looks really cute!

I will show off my mom’s card first.

Reach for the stars card

Front of card.

Congrats Card

My card.

Advenure Card front

Adventure Pop up card inside

I say we did very well for only a few hours of work. Nice to craft with you mom. ❤


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