Harry Potter Themed Art Journal


This is a small art journal that I made a few weekends ago.  I made it as a gift for a young girl who just now reading the Harry Potter series for the first time and who recently expressed to her mom that she was not a Gryffindor but a Ravenclaw.

The front of the journal is decorated with rhinestones and a metal moon embellishments.  There are also some beads attached to ribbon and a Ravenclaw chipboard cut out.

I used the Harry Potter themed alphabet stickers to personalize the journal.

The journal is a mix of Harry Potter themed paper and also water color paper.


Each page has a little surprise or embellishment on it.



I was also able to incorporate a oblong envelope into the journal.  She will be able to tuck in secrets.


The journal is hand bound using the signature method for books.  This could latter be added to other signatures and then bound into a larger book.


The center ribbon that holds the embellishments on outside hides the puncture hole


The other side of the oblong craft envelope.


Ravenclaw sticker



Some home made tags made out of Harry Potter themed paper scraps and some red string.



Here she is opening up here art journal.  Even thought you cannot see it from the picture… she was oooing and ahhhing over it.

Iliana with her Harry Potter Themed Art Journal.

Iliana with her Harry Potter Themed Art Journal.


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