Lets Grow Akron Garden

Let's Grown Akron Uhler Ave1

While driving around Akron I happened upon a urban garden on Uhler Avenue. It was pretty obvious that a house used to be on this plot of land and something had happened to it but that must have been quite some time ago as it was adopted by a place called Let’s Grown Akron and turned into a community garden.

About a week ago I took the number the down and hoped to photograph some of the flowers inside.  I left a message and just got back a return call today. I talked to the Lisa the director who game me permission to go ahead and photograph the site. Although I thought about waiting … I really wanted to capture a nice photo of the Sunflowers at this garden. So the picture above and the one below are what I have been able to capture so far.

After talking to Lisa and doing a bit of investigation online I found out there is much more to this little plot sized garden than the small sign on the fence indicates. She told me that there are 57 such plots in and around the Akron area and that most of them are community and school initiatives. Sometime in the next few days/ weeks I will learning a whole lot about Let’s Grow Akron and I will be photographing some of the other sites for my own personal photography project and sharing some of them on this blog.

I am very, very excited about this. Not only does this sound like an awesome program for me to get involved with, it is also something that sounds truly deserving of being photographed and documented.  Just as this quaint garden has so much going on inside of it… so I am sure that all the rest of them do too.    I am eager to find out those stories and put  the hard work of the volunteers fruits into photos and memories to share.

Of course this also got me thinking about all the undeveloped plots around town that I know of and I was able to think of about 3 or 4 more just in a few minuets time.   I am eager to learn about Let’s Grow Akron and find out ways that I might be able to get involved.

Let's Grown Akron Uhler Ave2

Let’s Grow Akron!


2 thoughts on “Lets Grow Akron Garden

  1. amazing what you can accomplish on a small peice of land that is why having land is important (aside the property taxes notwithstanding) because even if unemployed or not making enough money you can still grow some food and maybe even flowers to sell. you can still have a place to lay your head even if only a tent where it would be unlawful to kick you off of, (rather than living under a bridge) a way to produce food is just so important when you see how many homeless there are in america (which is a travesty).who if they had a peice of land they could at least get a few seeds (handouts) and grow some veggies or maybe volunteers can give them some fruit trees or something. they could maybe have neighbors help them at least have water source, maybe help build them a little home or get them a trailor and they would be all set to be able to find a job (which you need a address to get nowadays) of course city codes work against living simply becaue they are more concerned about property taxes (if they eliminate these taxes then it wouldn’t matter people would live where they want and not have to worry about taxes on their homes which is unlawful anyway) and thus people could live as simply or lavishly as they wanted. these community gardens seem like a good idea if the food is donated to homeless shelters and food banks.

  2. I am really not sure exactly what is done with all the fruits/ produce of this organization I believe that most of them are taken care of by individual communities. I think their mission is a good one weather or not they give to homeless. I hope that Akron continues to do more for those in need. Sadly nothing is ever very simple when it comes to politics and humanitarianism. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and visiting my blog.

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