Lesson From Playing Plants VS Zombies

1. We should worry about the plant apocalypse. If those suckers can maim, squash, eat, light on fire, blow up, and kill zombies, we have little to no hope of surviving them.

2. Zombies just want to survive and were people too. Not only do they want to eat our brains they also carry with them the skills they obtained in real life.

3. Pogo sticks. Zombies riding pogo sticks. (I am not joking)

4. Protect your roof, those sneaky zombies have the tricks of Santa Claws.

5. Learn how rig more than layer of lawnmowers as the last line of defense.

6 Ninja Zombies, they are more like thieving lill kleptomaniacs.

7. Giant Robots.  Weakness is …

8. Zombies with plant heads.

9. Fog is not so bad, if you have the right protection.

10. The Zombie Necromancer Mecha controlling boss man.

That’s all.



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