Creating An Ocean Feel: A Cephalopod Tag Tutorial

Welcome! This is my second Tutorial and I think that I have come up with a format that I would like to use. I still feel new to blogging and I am thinking of new ideas all the time.  Also creating a tutorial takes way more time that I expected it to take. It is much easier to create something than to document it, reproduce it, and tell the story of how it is made.

I’d like to start my tutorials with a picture of all the items that I used  on my craft sheet, along with the finished item.

Crafty Supplies I used in my tutorial1

I have missed putting a few things in the photo.  ( White Picket Fence Distress Paint, ribbon, hello stamp, and gems)

To start with, I used a white tag and Stormy Sky Distress Ink.

Tag with  Stormy Sky Distress Ink

You can either put ink directly on a tag like I did or you can use a  blending tool.

Put Ink On Tag

Cover the entire tag with the distress ink.  Do not worry very much if you have streaks on it or not, you will see in a bit how they all blend really nicely.

Cover tag in Distress Ink

Next you will want to put some water in your hand and flick the water onto the tag.  You will will see the droplets of water reacting with the ink.   You can use a paper towel to remove the excess water or dry it with a heat gun.

 Water Marked Tag

Water Dropplet Tag

It give a really neat tie dye effect.

Swirle Stamp and Distress Paint Take your favorite swirly stamp and apply some white acrylic paint.  For this stamp I used White Picket Fence Distress Paint dauber.   Apply the swirls in several places on the tag.


Allow this layer to dry.  (I used a heat tool to speed up the process. )

While you are waiting for the paint to dry you can  use  this time to stamp your primary image onto a piece of card stock or another tag.  In case you are wondering where I got my Cephalopod stam… I bought it in Hawaii at very cool place called Rubber Stamp Plantation. You do not have to go all the way to Hawaii to get it… they also ship their stamps all over the world.


After your tag is dry take some circle collage stamp or bubble stamp to cover your first tag with bubbles.

IMG_0349 IMG_0350

What I did on my tag was ink up my circles/ bubbles and use the stamp several times before re-inking the stamp.  This adds color and dimension to tag.


I changed the direction of how I placed the stamp too.IMG_0357  IMG_0359

Next I cut out the Cephalopod and I prepare to ink up the edges of the cut out stamp and also the  tag too.  IMG_0360

My blending tool tip…I started with only one blending tool and many many foam pads to save money and storage space.  I keep the pads in a snack baggie and pull out the colors that I need when I need to use them.  I also write the name of them on one of sides.  These foam pads are cleanable and reusable.


First I used Dusty Concord on the right side of the tag  using the blending tool to help me get the purple in the areas that I wanted to be purple. IMG_0362

Then I used Spiced Marmalade in the areas that I wanted some orange IMG_0363

In the picture below you will see some green tint at the edges near the middle of tag where I had started to apply the orange marmalade … this happened because of the properties of the distress ink make them very blendable and you can make new colors. IMG_0364

Then start applying some colors to your cephalopod or other sea creature. IMG_0365  IMG_0367

I like to add a dark color to the edges of my stamped embellishments. IMG_0368

Keep adding color until you are happy with the way it looks. IMG_0369

Attach your Stamped piece with foam dots.   I use all the parts of my dots.  I tend to use the dots first then use the res t of the sheet and I cut it to fit to and customize the piece that I am going to attach. IMG_0370

This large piece takes the place of using 2-3 pop dots, and still pops it up to the same height.


No one is the wiser…  IMG_0374

I thought that the tag was looking a bit plain, so I wanted to add a greeting and used a hello stamp that I had.IMG_0375

I then ink around my tag and look for a piece of ribbon to use out my ribbon box. IMG_0376


This is the very end of some ribbon that I got from Target’s ‘One Spot’ and I decided to personalize it:  I added distress ink to the back of the ribbon to cover up the white and add more color to the ribbon.  IMG_0379


I attached the ribbon. IMG_0383

Then I last but not least I added a few gems from my bling box.

Creating An Ocean Feel: A Cephalopod Tag Tutorial KittyCandy Paper Crafts

Here is my beautiful and finished under the sea Cephalopod Tag.

To end my tutorial… a funny picture of how messy I make my craft sheet while creating.  I do clean it up … but it does get messy in here quickly! IMG_0386

Please feel free to share your creations with me!

Inky paws are happy paws!

Stay crafty!



6 thoughts on “Creating An Ocean Feel: A Cephalopod Tag Tutorial

    • Ahhh… Thanks for taking a peek over here too. I am glad that you liked it. I will tell you a bit of secret though… It took me much longer to make this tutorial than it did to actually make the tag…lol 😉

  1. It definitely does take a lot of work putting together a tutorial. You have to take pictures in the middle of doing things and then try to organize everything into steps and then write it all out. It takes me almost an entire day to do it.

    But anyway, your tag turned out wonderful! I just love the idea of using up every piece of your foam adhesive and coloring the ribbon. Clever. I get lazy trying to switch my foam pads so often so I used some old wood blocks I had (that used to be wooden stamps), cut it down to size and turned them into blending tools. Some of the wood blocks were already the perfect size so all I had to do was put some velcro on them and I was done.

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