Steller: The Art of Story Telling

My new obsession… Steller.

Steller was released in March of this year and I simply fell in love with making stories with it, and sharing ideas.   The App allows you to create stories with images, videos, and text in pre-designed layouts.  The layouts are limited but allow for a lot of creativity with fonts, sizes, and placement.  Additionally you can share your stories via other social media outlets after you publish them through the app.

This is my most recent story on steller called In The Sky.  It is a collection of firework pictures that I took with my iphone.  Only the last picture has been edited to make the colors really show up.

You can find my story here:  In The Sky

My new story on the Steller App!

My new story on the Steller App!

Here is a link so you can view all my stories:  My Steller Profile

While you can use the computer to browse through stories they are best viewed on the phone.   That is part of what makes the Steller app so unique.  It is a phone first medium for social sharing.

Daily I am amazed by all the talented people on Steller. I have seen people display their photography, food,  digital scrapbooking, crafts, and to bring awareness to social causes.  My personal favorites are the stories about traveling and other places and few that I have found about cats.

Some of my other stories include a very popular DIY water coloring with markers tutorial.

Water Coloring with Markers Story on Steller

Water Coloring with Markers Story on Steller

Water Coloring With Markers

I am excited to see what is next for Steller!

When you join Steller be sure find me and me let me know!

See you soon!










3 thoughts on “Steller: The Art of Story Telling

  1. Finally someone who knows what steller is! I’ve has this app for months and no one knows what I’m talking about! Glad to see someone else is taking advantage of it!!!! It’s amazing!

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