My name is Elizabeth and I have found a passion for crafting and creating things out of paper, ink, stickers, die cuts, glitter, washi tape, ribbon, string, water, ect…I have always enjoyed crafting of all kinds.  My recent passion as been for paper.  I am sucker for pretty paper.  I have more of it than I will probably ever be able to able to use.   I enjoy making cards and tags.  I like to embellish boxes and photo frames. I also enjoy making jewelry, and flower arrangements, and general DIY stuff.

I started blogging because I wanted a way to share with more than just friends and family and more than just on facebook or conventions.  I also wanted to document my creations.  (I sell or gift most of my creations so I can make more things) I hardly get to treasure my creations for very long.

The blog is also a creative and teaching outlet.   It is my plan no not only show off what I make but also to document it and show other how to create similar effects for their own ideas and creations.

Here is a list of some online classes that I have taken

June 2014

CreativeLive Handmade

Start a Handmade Business with Kari Chapin

January 2013 Stenciled

October 2013 Creative Chemistry 102

August 2013 Big Picture Classes Technique Toolbox with Claudine Hellmuth (use this referral code: 7D16A51F – to get a 10% discount)


May 2012 Stretch Your Stamps

April 2012 A Cut Above

March 2012 Creative Chemistry 101



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Same here! I started my blog because it was a requirement for a class I was taking, but I knew from the start that I wanted it to be about sharing and documenting my creations.

    I’ve considered starting an Etsy of my own, but it all seems a bit daunting and confusing. I’m a rather cautious person, so I don’t jump into things until I have a clear understanding of everything. I’d love it if you are able to give me some advice/input on maintaining one!

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