Stenciled Day 1: Inking and Masking

Used Hawaiian themed stencils of waves to make wind out of different colors.   Added stamped image of hot air balloon.

Used Hawaiian themed stencils of waves to make wind out of different colors. Added stamped image of hot air balloon.

It has been a while since I have posted on the blog and I am really excited that the busyness of the holidays are over and I have some time to do some crafting again.  I made this last night: it was inspired by a new workshop I am taking online with Online Card Classes called Stenciled.

To make this card I used a Hawaiian wave stencil as wind by using the stencil three times on a cream colored cardstock.  Each use of the stencil was with a different color of Distress Ink. ( Pumice Stone, Tumbled Glass, and Rusty Hinge) I then used Archival Ink in Jet black to stamp the greeting and also the hot air balloon.   The balloon is attached to the card using pop dots.  I distressed around the edges and added Rusty Hinge Distress Ink around the edges too.   Lastly I added a little sparkle with rhinestone circles and a little rhinestone heart.

I was really pleased with how the card turned out and I hope to be able to get a few more made and vary the colors used.

Here a few other creations from class.

Creative StencilingI am thinking of using this as a cover to a mini album. It was made using distress ink and a stencil with a leaf pattern.  After inking in one shade I flipped the pattern over and inked in a darker shade. I was not sure what I was going to get but was happy and surprised to get a butterfly.

Good Friend Stenciled Card

This cute purple card was made from using a stencil for the background and spraying ink over the stencil.  I used distress ink in a mini mister and I think I might have added to much water.  This caused the bleeding and the warpy lines.   I added some washi tape and a friend stamp as embellishments.

Happy ButterflyI think this might be my favorite project from the day. I Used a scrap piece of paper to make this…it was a test to see if I liked it but it turned out so great that I will eventually attach this to a card. I used a large butterfly stencil.  I heat embossed the butterfly, then added distress ink and blended the inks together.  I really like the sentiment on the stamp.  You can’t have  too much happy!

I turned this last project into a tag.   I really like the way the gradient looks in orange.  I used spiced marmalade distress ink and also a small amount of fired brick.  I stamped congratulations onto a plastic sheet.   I was not sure what was going to happen because I did not know what kind of plastic I was using.  The lettering in heat embossing looks really grungy.

Congradulations Stenciled Card


Fabric Christmas Trees

Over the past few weeks I have creating some cute fabric Christmas Trees.

My Christmas Forrest.

My Christmas Forrest.

I made these as a no sew project. First I used a piece of poster board to make the cone shape and hot glued it into place.   Then I used fabric that I had found and some that was around the house to cover and make the trees. I also used a hot glue gun to attach the fabric.   Next was embellishing them with ribbon, florals and stickers.

Here is a close up of a few of the embellishments.  One the red satin tree with tulle bottom I used a the tattered floral die cut from Tim Holtz to make the the little flowers and then I put three of the together with a brads.

Detail 2


This maroon colored tree is covered with some velvet floral tulle and I added some red jewels to make it sparkle a little more.

Detail 1

I am going to have to take a closer picture of a few of the other trees.  I really like the way they all turned out.

Happy Friday the 13th ! =^_^=

Tag of December 2013

This is my Tim Holtz inspired tag of December 2013. Be sure to check out his blog for all the details and see all the other tags that have been inspired by his products and ideas.

Tag of December 2013 Tim Holtz inspired

Tag of December 2013. Tim Holtz inspired.

Here are a few quick notes about how I made this tag.  I made this tag from a size tag, Sizzix Christmas ornament die cut, Frosted Film, Modeling Film, Tim Holtz Cling Rubber Stamps Joyful Song, and Picket Fence Distress Paint.

I started by adding frosted film to the modeling film.  It was more difficult that I thought that it would be to remove the bubbles.   I was able to get most of them out but decided that I did not mind the ones that were left over.

Sizzix Bigz Die ORNAMENTS #4

Sizzix Bigz Die ORNAMENTS #4

I used a blending tool to get color the ornament with festive berries distress ink.

Tim Holtz Cling Rubber Stamps JOYFUL SONG

Tim Holtz Cling Rubber Stamps JOYFUL SONG

Next I used distress paint as a resist with the crack stamp in the Joyful Song set. Then I used Pealed Paint Distress Ink to color the background of the tag. I also accidentally got a few finger prints into my project.

Close up of image. I added a the notes from the Joyful Song stamp set and also a holiday greeting.  Next I used the heat tool to help me shape my ornament.   It was more difficult than I thought to shape it the way that I wanted it to look.   I attached a few embellishments and some crinkle ribbon and added a frosted film star onto the tag.

Tag of December.

Tag of December.

Tag of December

Happy December!   Keep Crafty! =^_^=

National Novel Writting Month

National Novel Writting Month

So the day before this started I made my final decision to be a participant and I am attempt to write 50k word book.  You may have noticed that the blog has been pretty silent the last two weeks and I am sorry about that.  I do have lots of creative ideas to share with everyone for the holidays.  I will be back to my regularly scheduled blogging in December.

I have thought about writing many different books but this one I have been thinking about for a while.  I wanted it to be a collection of stories about a haunted taxi.  However the first story is taking on whole life of it’s own I am very excited about it.   I am calling the book Red in the Moonlight and it is  about Jesse T. Cooper aka JT a recent college graduate disappointed in his job prospects who reluctantly takes a summer position as a driver for his family’s taxi service and his first project is restoring a antique car purchased by ‘crazy’ Uncle Larry from an auto auction.  Jesse soon become enamored by the restoration process and is eager to get the taxi on the road.  He quickly becomes suspicious of the car when strange things start to happen on his route.  Convinced that passengers are becoming possessed and meeting horrific fates, he sets out to unravel the horrors and just make it through the summer.

The first few thousands words were rather easy.

Then I change direction a bit and really got into the story that I wanted tell.

Now I am just about 17k words into this month and I am done writing the parts that I have already thought about before, so the next 33k words feel like a bit of challenge.

I still have a lot of work a head of me and I am looking forward to the challenge and ‘catching up’ over the weekend.  I have a lot to figure out for the rest of the book and I am hoping that words come easier than they have been the last few days.

For me, this is where the real work really begins.   I have to create the rest of the story. Even if I do not finish I know that I have attempted to do something pretty cool.    I would really really like to be able to finish writing the 50K words.

If your also participating let me know and say hello

My NaNoWriMo Bio.

PS  Yes, this blog post is just me procrastinating a little more…



Steam Punk Pistol

Steam Punk Pistol with wings.

Steam Punk Pistol with wings.

This is a steam punk pistol that I made out of a cap gun, rub and buff, wire, Tim Holtz’s Regal Adornments, and an antique spring.

I made this pistol as a test run for another project that I am working on for a friend and this turned out wonderful. (In my opinion) I am very happy with the way it turned out. The rub and buff made the pistol look more metallic. I put the wings on the pistol because I want the gun to look more whimsical.

IMG_3073 IMG_3072

Creative Chemestry 102

This post is a work in progress…

This my work and my experimenting inspired from a class that I taking from Online Card Classes with Tim Holtz

Today I learned more about distress paints and their properties and how they are different from regular acrylic paints.

I also learned that I need to make more money to support my crafting habit!

Day 1



Marbling Distress Paint

Marbling Distress Paint

Colored Crackle

Melissa Frances DIY house painted with Distress Rock Candy and Painted with Distress Paint.

Melissa Frances DIY house painted with Distress Rock Candy and Painted with Distress Paint.

Melissa Frances DIY house painted with Distress Rock Candy

Melissa Frances DIY house painted with Distress Rock Candy

Altered Surfaces

Altered Surfaces

Altered Surfaces

Eroded Metallics

(Still in progress, waiting on Metallic Distress Paint)

Stamping Resist:



Industrial Faux Tin Type Photo with Cats.

Industrial Faux Tin Type Photo with Cats.

Day 2


Mixed Media Layering

Mixed Media Layering


Embossing with Stencils

Embossing with Stencils


Stamping into Stencils

Stamping into Stencils


Sketching with Stencils

Sketching with Stencils


Monoprint with Stencils

Monoprint with Stencils

Day Three

Smudge Stamping

Smudge Stamping,

Smudge Stamping,


(In progress)

Photo Tinting

This is a photo tinted with Distress Markers.  It is a photo from my wedding take by Victoria Stanbridge.

This is a photo tinted with Distress Markers. It is a photo from my wedding take by Victoria Stanbridge.

Faux Cracked Glass

(In Progress)


Distress Stickels VS Distress Glitter

Distress Stickels VS Distress Glitter

Day 4
Discussing alcohol inks and their properties.


Tinted Tinsel

(In progress, waiting on tinsel)


(In progress)

Monoprint on glossy photo paper

Monoprint on glossy photo paper

Faded Layers

Day 5



Sticky Powder

Shabby Chic


Tarnished Silver



(In progress)

Thank you for taking a look and viewing my progress in the class.   I highly recommend the class!  I had so much this week and learned quite a bit.   Some of my experiments turned out better than other… however I was able to have some fun making and trying new things and that is why I like the most about this class.  It really got my creativity going .

Blooming Purple Cala Lillies

Purple Cala Lillies

Took this picture over the weekend.   I really like Cala Lillies and wish that I was able to grow them, but my lack of sun prevents me from having many flowers in my personal garden.  I even have issues growing wild flowers.   What I liked about this picture was how the many shades of purple are showcased and the different angles of Cala Lillies.