Cleome Flower in Black and White


I took this picture in Michigan at a rest area in late August.  This rest area had to be one of the prettiest rest area’s that I had ever seen.   Just loads and loads of beautiful flowers.  These Cleome Flowers are quite interesting. The remind me of spider webs.  They are beautiful shades of purple and white.  There about four feet tall.  The booms were bigger than palm of my hand.    I really liked the way it looked in black and white.


Zinnia in Black and White

zinnia in black and white

I took this photo about a month ago in a a grocery store.  It is my theory that you can get a great picture just about anywhere.   They were labeled as Zinnia but they might be chrysanthum’s?    I really liked they this looked in black and white, then just now I noticed that all the subjects of the photo are a looking away from the camera and I centered on a mass of flower petals.

October Tag 2013

This is my Tim Holtz inspired Tag of October.

This is my Tim Holtz inspired Tag of October.

This is my Tim Holtz Inspired tag of October 2013. I wanted to create a scene that had both the setting sun and that also had a starry night in the background. (Click on the pictures to enlarge the images.)

I started off by layering the tag with the background colors that I wanted then to give some dimension to the moon so I used crackle paint to make it white. I let the crackle paint dry over night then added some Picket Fence Stickles for the glitter and then added some Distress Glitter on top of the Stickles. I was not able to really capture how cool the tag actually looks but below I am going to include a few other photos that will show some of the details. I was very happy that some of the Crackle Paint  showed through.  I think it gives the moon some character.

October Moon

I used stickles to add more stars and also added a button star to give the tag some dimension.

I used some new stickers from Authentique Paper , they come on a 12×12 sheet and are called “Thrilling” Details. Item# THR007. I wish I would have picked up a few more. (It is my plan to make a few more cards and papercrafts with the rest of the stickers)

I’m really looking forward to using Distress Glitter in more projects.  Please check out Tim Holtz page to see his creation, to participate your self, and or view everyone’s inspiration for this month.

Tim Holtz inspired Tag of October 2013

Tim Holtz inspired Tag of October 2013

Halloween Quote

October 31st.

Wishing everyone a very crafty Halloween! =^_^=

My DIY Wedding: Remembering my DIY Wedding Projects.

Photo by Victoria Stanbridge Photography

Photo by Victoria Stanbridge Photography

October 1st is our 7 month wedding anniversary.   So I am taking today to reminisce about our wedding day.  I am looking through picture and sorting out the memories in my mind and they are making me tear up with the happiness of the day.   Everyone says that day goes by really fast, but the truth and meaning of that saying only sinks in when you start to see your decorations being taken down.  In a matter of seconds I  began to have a few fleeting thoughts. Why I didn’t have my ceremony just a little earlier so I could enjoy it more.  Why didn’t I dance more?  Why did I have so little time with each guest? My eyes watered just a little saying goodbye to each person. Missing saying goodbye and missing those who were not able to attend to affected me even more.  I wanted the night to last longer. I wanted to keep my wedding dress on longer.  I started to question not having an after party even thought I was truly exhausted.  I didn’t really feel how fast the day went by in till it was time to leave.   So  now I am reminiscing and I would like to show off a few things that I made for my wedding.

I started my wedding planning shortly after I got engaged. (July 4th 2011)  I read and browsed through every wedding book, magazine, blog, and website that I could find.  In the matter of few weeks I had briefly looked at all aspects of a wedding and I found myself stressed and even more overwhelmed. I didn’t allow myself time to enjoy just being engaged.  The planner in me wanting to get everything figured out as soon as possible.   I was disappointed because wedding planning was suppose to be fun and all I could think about was the cost.   After making a budget and only allowing myself to look at the aspects of the wedding that really needed to be concentrated on is when I really started to enjoy the planning.  The most useful and affordable tools that I can recommend for wedding planning are the knot, (Yes, there are many free wedding help sites out there but the knot was recommended to be my a friend of mine and she was able to help me start to navigate the site I didn’t feel like signing up on any other web site.) and Pinterest.  (You can see my wedding board here)

DIY does not always mean less expensive. Being crafty and wanting DIY aspects to my wedding was not always easy.   I had to make a plan for things that I knew that I could do, things that I wanted to do, and things that would actually cost me less to do myself.   Our wedding colors were red and purple, but we used cream and silver as accent colors.

I have always loved candles very much and I even worked as a Partylite consultant for a short time. I knew that I would have loads of candles at the wedding.   I used Glow Lite Pillars in my centerpieces and they looked rather stunning.  We also used one in our candle lighting ceremony.

I used a GlowLite Pillar from Partylite as my unity candle.

I used a GlowLite Pillar from Partylite as my unity candle. Photo by Jeannie Kelly

To make this pillar more personal and to fit into our wedding I added a ribbon with a Celtic charm.   The charm represented part of our Irish heritage with out having to use the color green.

My next project was a cupcake stand.  I was worried about making a deposit for using my cake makers stand.  While I would have gotten that money back, it was just money that I did not want to part with at the time we ordered our Cupcakes.   I was confidant that I could either find or make a suitable stand myself.   We ended up spending less than 50.00 including all the materials.  I was very picky about stability  I used Wilton cake bases and covered them with red tulle that I got one sale.   I used Michale’s coupons to get 40% discount on cake bases and gift boxes.   The middle sections are gift boxes that I covered with patterned paper that I also got on sale from Archiver’s.

Close up view of of DIY cupcake Stand.  Photo By Jeannie Kelly

Close up view of of DIY cupcake Stand. Photo By Jeannie Kelly

Shown in the above picture is  our cake table day of the wedding.  We used two stands that held approximately 90 cupcakes. The rest of our 100 cupcakes and 50 mini cupcakes were spread out amongst the table.

The biggest project that I undertook was making our table place cards and our wedding programs.   I ended up deciding to incorporate them into one piece.

 This is a picture of my  hand made place cards and wedding programs.

This is a picture of my hand made place cards and wedding programs. Photo By Jeannie Kelly

On one side of the tag we had each guest name and then on the other side of the tag we had a little program that included our wedding party and also a cute quote from our fist dance / wedding song.

Here is a close up example of each of the  tags that I made.  We had to use three colors as per instructions from our venue.   We had to have some to signal to wait staff what meal each person had ordered.

All the tags had a small Hand made with love embellishment.

All the tags had a small Hand made with love embellishment.

The name cards that I used at my wedding.  Red and purple in color.

The name cards that I used at my wedding. Red and purple in color.

We had Red for me and purple for Robert.

The tag was first dry embossed with a embossing folder using my Vagabond die cutting and embossing machine.  Then I covered the tag in my desired color of distress ink and then sprinkled clear embossing powder over the entire tag and head embossed it so it has a shiny feel to the tag.  It made the tag look very regal.

Purple Embossed Tag and Name Card.

Purple Embossed Tag and Name Card.

I made a tag for each of our guest, it was quite a LOT of work but I feel that it was well worth my effort to have a handmade gift to give each of our guests.

The back of each program looked like this.

The wedding program I made for the back of the tag.

The wedding program I made for the back of the tag.

Our seating chart was the  last thing that I made for our wedding was one of the easiest things that I decided to make for our wedding.

DIY Seating Chart

DIY Seating Chart Photo By Jeannie Kelly

I used card stock and patterned paper to make our seating chart.   I added custom colored letters and other embellishments.

My favorite thing that I made for our wedding was the flower girl wands.   Designing them was so much for fun for me.   I knew that I wanted make something different and I didn’t know that even existed till I Googled Flower Girl Wand.   (I will admit that drew inspiration for these from Pinterst, Etsy, and Martha Stewart.)

My three adorable flower girls with the flower wands that I made them.

My three adorable flower girls with the flower wands that I made them.


  I used a combination of paper mache star, Silk flowers, wooden dowel, and ribbon.)   (bought from Etsy)  First I painted and put glitter on on the star.  The I attached the star wand onto the wooden dowel.  The I added a layer of ranunculus followed by a layer of what looked like baby’s breath.   Next I tied in the ribbon and had it hanging out in four spots.  Lastly I used a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon down length of the wooden dowel.


After writing this blog I can see that in reality my wedding day did not go any faster than any other day.  I just took more time to make it memorable with all the preparations and planning.  I am glad that I did so much for our wedding in our 20ish months of planning myself because I feel our wedding  reflected both Robert and I.  It was not just one day of bliss…  it was well over a year worth of actual enjoyment from crafting and planning.

Now we get to just enjoy each other. ❤

Fun Wedding Photo

September Tag

September Tag 2013

Tag of September

Nothing like waiting till the last minute to finish something.   At least it is still September in Ohio.  I missed doing a tag in August and I was determined to get one finished this month.   I do not have many stencils so I used one that I had of the butterfly and used an embossing folder to help help create extra dimension and layers.

Introducing Merrick The Cat


I would like to introduce you to my new pet and fur baby Merrick. She is about 11mos old and I adopted her from the Wane County Humane Society.

While I like all cats I adore the mellows ones even more.  She is sweet and very cuddly and will start to purr just after a few pets.   She is friendly and loves to sit on laps.   Merrick also likes to window watch and I tell that she is very curios about the outside world.  She adores the electric blanket that I turned on for her one cool evening.

She has had quite a few weeks with us.   Merrick had to be taken to vet two times already.  She had tape worms, fleas, and repository infection.   She is on the mend now and I can see some energy coming back to her.  Its been just over a year since we have had a kitty in our home and I am very glad to this lill one.

Garlic Chive In Bloom

Having herbs in your garden is very handy when cooking and wanting fresh ingredients. You know exactly what you put into them and can really enjoy their freshness.

This summer I attempted to grow a small herb garden just like I did last year.  I have two kinds of mint, basil, oregano, and a garlic chive.

Last year I use my herbs more than I did this year…

I was kind of neglectful to a few of the herbs, but it yielded the sweetest result.

My Garlic Chive in Bloom: